I am an experienced counsellor working from an integrative client centred approach with my clients.

I work almost exclusively on the telephone although I am happy to provide a face-to-face service if that is required. By working on the telephone my costs are lower and my availability far greater.

For four and a half years I worked with an adoption agency very successfully providing a telephone counselling and support service to parents of adopted children.

The service provided telephone support for parents who often struggle with overwhelming feelings in connection with parenting adopted children.  These are children who frequently have multiple difficulties, including developmental delay, learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, behavioural issues, loss, complex grief, post-traumatic stress disorder and high levels of aggression towards their parents.

I now work on a freelance basis with parents of children with special educational needs and disability (SEND)

As my practice is client-centred, I work with the client on the issues they feel are most pressing for them.

This may mean that sessions are far more support and information based, rather than counselling based, in some cases. I have, as a result, developed mentoring and coaching skills which have proved to be invaluable with the client group that I work with. I offer a blend of these skills in my practice, which allows me to be flexible with the nature of support I provide.

I have personal experience of SEND as an adoptive parent, and of the many personal and life challenges that arise for both parents and children living with the difficulties common in SEND.

My past experience includes working as a self-employed legal adviser and trainer, an employment law barrister, a CAB welfare rights adviser trainer and tribunal representative and a law centre adviser and representative. I also currently co-direct Benefits and Work Ltd, a publishing company that provides information and guidance for sick and disabled adults and children.

I hold a current diploma in integrative counselling and a post qualifying diploma in counselling children and young adults.

I have trained extensively in childhood trauma and attachment theory, completing level one Dan Hughes attachment based therapy.

In addition I have completed:

  • Brain post’s “Great Behaviour Breakdown” training
  • Trauma and brain development
  • Sensory processing
  • Therapeutic life story work
  • Trauma and neuroscience
  • Working with addiction, and
  • Understanding Autism

As an experienced counsellor and carer of children with SEND, I possess a vast bank of experience, knowledge and understanding that I am able to bring to my counselling sessions.

As someone who has felt and experienced many of the feelings and thoughts (sometimes quite uncomfortable and frightening) that my clients want to discuss, I am able to offer a service that provides genuine non-judgemental support. I offer my clients a safe space where they will be listened to without prejudice and with genuine empathy. I am very skilled in building a rapid and genuine rapport with my clients which enhances the counselling relationship and the effectiveness of the work we do together.

I offer a service that is respectful of my clients wishes and needs and is entirely confidential.

Registered member of MBACP

BACP Registered Member